Saturday, June 09, 2007

Personal and Professional Goals - a Meme

Michele over at Scholar's Blog tagged me with this meme to list 10 to 15 personal and/or professional goals for the summer. Good topic!

Personal Goals for Summer

1. Lose 10 more pounds by August 31. That's just a pound a week. NO problem!

2. Move library furniture out of back room and clean/paint before making back room into guest bedroom. Move bedroom furniture out of front room and clean/paint/refloor before making front room into library. Furnish middle room and decorate it to make it my new bedroom. This is the ultimate goal of all the moving and cleaning.

3. Take a few walks in the neighborhood. Talk with my wonderful neighbors.

4. Maybe swim. Then again, maybe not.

5. Celebrate my one-year blogversary in early July with a new blog contest. I think it will be a Lives in Letters contest, with a couple of good prizes to make it interesting.

6. Read the new Harry Potter book, after re-reading all the old ones. Let's see, 6 weeks to go, 6 books. Easy-peasy.

7. Go to New York for at least 3 Broadway shows and at least 1 Yankee game.

8. Figure out how to use my new (first) iPod. Reading the instructions will probably be a good start.

9. Celebrate my 39th birthday with something fantastically self-indulgent. Maybe I can find a spa that does chocolate baths somewhere around here.

10. Write poetry or prose and post it here. It's been too long since my last.

Professional Goals for Summer

11. Reorganize my team, get staff promotions done, and hire for at least 3 of my 6 open spots.

12. Complete training materials and offer training.

13. Reconnect with old colleagues. Perhaps join professional organization again.

14. Conduct team discussions by end of June.

15. Get key-competency evaluations done for myself.

Hmmmm... my personal goals sound like a lot more fun than the professional ones, but either way, it sounds like a busy summer!

And now, I'll tag Robin Brande, who I suspect has a better handle on how to have a great summer than I do.


Michele said...

Interesting combination Nancy - thanks for sharing !

dshep said...

Wow! Industrious and fun. Look forward to hearing how you do.