Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've Got a Starbucks Gift Card with Your Name on it

This contest closed on September 19. Please check the Contests list periodically for more contests. Thanks!

Okay, one thing I've learned in these two months of blogging. Contests get people's attention.

In fact, it was a contest that first drew me into the blogging world -- specifically, the Starbucks Ultimate Coffehouse Challenge, which is where I first found Crossword Bebop and the wonderful community of people who joined forces there to solve the puzzles. At the end of the contest, 3 of the winners were part of the Crossword Bebop multitude. It happened that I had offered some support to each of them, and two sent me Starbucks gift cards as a thank you, which was very kind and much appreciated as a gesture.

Sadly, I don't drink coffee, or pretty much any beverage sold by Starbucks except maybe cocoa and water (ooh, and their good ginger ale)....

So, here I sit, with perfectly wonderful gift cards ($25 each) and no real inspiration to use them. One can only drink so much ginger ale.

Are the coffee-drinkers out there listening? I got free coffee, right here in my hot little hands!

I've decided to hold a few contests to unload these cards. The details of the first follow below. The other contests I don't know about yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.


Prize: One $25 Starbucks gift card

Contest Topic: Great Antagonists in Children's Books (ha, you thought I'd forgotten about this!)

How to Play: Simply submit your ideas for great antagonists in children's books in the comments of the post that this link takes you to. For EACH antagonist you submit, you will get one entry into the drawing. Submissions are due by 9PM, Eastern, September 19, 2006. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries on September 20, 2006.

Fine Print: If multiple people submit the same antagonist, I will only count the first entry. All submissions must be "bad guys/gals" from kids' books, and will be authenticated by me before being included in the drawing. Residents of the states of Shock, Unconsciousness, or Disbelief are not eligible to participate. Employees of Journey Woman's blog (ooh, that's me!) are not eligible (curses, foiled again!) to particpate.

For everyone who suggested antagonists for this list when it was originally posted, you are already entered -- good job! Keep the suggestions coming for even more chances to win!

A Note to the Non-Kids-Lit Readers of this Blog: I know some of you have hesitated to comment on posts about children's books in the past. Please don't feel that you are excluded from this contest. If you've ever read a children's book, just think of who the bad guys were and throw them in a comment for me. And remember, antagonists range from the sometimes dislikeable to the truly evil, so there's a lot of room in there for plenty of entries.

To refresh your memory about the Great Antagonists list, see this post here, and also this post here.

Oh, and spread the word please. My goal is to get at least 100 antagonists listed, but I think we can get to 200 without too much of a stretch, frankly.


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...
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Nancy said...

Thanks Kelly!

My original instructions weren't clear, in that I meant to say the entries should be put in the comments of the original post. I'm moving yours over there, so people can keep track of the list as it goes.