Sunday, September 17, 2006

Raise Your Hand if You've Ever

Raise your hand if you've ever dragged a wagon around the neighborhood selling vegetables from your family's over-producing garden.

I have! At least once it was for the Jerry Lewis telethon, so I had a good cause behind me. But my friend Dori was a raging capitalist as a child, and used to coax me into all sorts of neighborhood sales efforts. At one point, we even discussed going into business selling illustrated poems (I would provide the verse, she the art). That one never panned out, but we sold an impressive amount of candy bars, greeting cards, zucchini and squash.

This afternoon a small cluster of children went up and down my street hollering "Tomatoes! 25 cents! Tomatoes! 25 cents!"

Capitalism is alive and well in today's 7-year-olds. I'm not so sure about fair market pricing: they were cherry tomatoes.

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