Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quote of the Day, 9/21/06

Today's quotes are about harmony, from the perspective of famous painters. I like this because I went looking for things related to musical harmony, and found canvas instead. For fun, I've linked each artist's name to one of their paintings that I particularly like. I also went with self-portraits for each artist, just for fun.

Vincent Van Gogh

Still, there is a calm, pure harmony, and music inside of me.

Georges Seurat

Art is harmony. Harmony is the analogy of contrary and of similar elements of tone, of color and of line, conditioned by the dominate key, and under the influence of a particular light, in gay, calm, or sad combinations.

Pablo Picasso

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.

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runart said...

Thanks for these, Nancy. As a full time free lance artist I guess I'm striving for that harmony every day. It is the ultimate goal to reconcile all of the harmonious elements of a piece - what the client wants, what I want to express, etc. In mine own work as well as what I produce on commission, that must be how I decide when something is "done" - is everything in harmony?