Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where's Miss Manners When I Need Her?

Who does these things? It confounds me that there are actually people out there who do things so far beyond the scope of decent behavior....
Who brings their 3 young sons out to a nice neighborhood restaurant, and lets each of the boys watch his personal DVD player at the table? (Yes, 3 sons, 3 personal DVD players. Oh, and a raving lunatic mother who was miserable to the one boy who chose not to watch his DVD.)

Who picks up a pear from a box of free pears, takes a few bites, and then drops the half-eaten pear on the sidewalk? (Sorry, the fact that there are other pears there that have fallen from the tree does not make the sidewalk your trash barrel!)

Who emails an old friend and dis-invites her from officiating or even attending his wedding because she is "too fragile" from post-traumatic stress and might make a scene during his special day? (Thank goodness I don't know the couple well enough to have been invited in the first place!)

Miss Manners might not be enough for these three. I think I need Roz from Night Court.

These are my rants for the week. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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