Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My New Words Were a Bust

I got very excited when I saw that the folks at Mental Floss used one of my new words, plutobstinance, in this post. Thought for sure that meant I had a fighting chance of winning their coin-a-new-word contest.

Alas, it was not to be. And so I give you, probably for the last time you'll ever read or hear them, the 4 words I tried to make stick:

trinomychosis (Try-NO-me-CO-sis) - the insanity that can accompany the choice to be identified by one’s first, middle and last names

The investigators and many of the press were ready to believe that John Mark Karr’s tale was yet another story of trinomychosis, as was believed to be the case with John Wayne Gacy and Mark David Chapman, among others.

plutobstinance (Ploo-TAWB-stin-ints) - irrational refusal to accept changing scientific assumptions

In an act of blind plutobstinance, she continued to say “My very excellent mother just served us nine PIES!”

cognutia (Cog-NEW-sha) - inane trivia

Most Americans can rattle off astounding amounts of cognutia (such as the names of the 7 Dwarfs) but cannot name 2 cabinet members or 2 Supreme Court justices.

fabrilliant (Fuh-BRILL-yent) - all at once fabulous and extremely intelligent or brilliant

The words I coined for this contest are simply fabrilliant, don’t you agree?


Disco Mermaids said...

Hi Nancy!

That word "plutobstinance" is sheer fabrilliance! Just saw your analogy-challenges (analochallenge...is that a word?) on our blog site. Posted my reply in the comments section. Yours were tough, I tell you, but Analogy-Girl pulled it together and gave you some (very unexciting) answers!



featherbee said...

I love plutobstinance and fabrilliant too!

And many of my kindergarten children suffer from trinomychosis as well.