Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Trivia Every Word-Maven Should Know

For this week's installment of Words on Wednesday, I offer you a link to this Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia.

Here are the 3 most fun things I learned on a quick browse of this site.

1. There are 10 A's in the name of this Massachusetts lake:
I like this one, because I have relatives living close to this lake, and I remember as a child being soooooooo impressed by anyone who could rattle off the name without mistakes.

Myth has it that the translation of Chargoggagogg...maugg is "You fish on your side of the river, I'll fish on my side of the river, nobody fish in the middle." Not true! This humorous translation was made up by a journalist and simply caught on. For the real translation and other fun facts, click on the very long link below.


2. Imagine if you took a list of nth's, for instance, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and so on to the highest nth you could make. If you alphabetized this list, this is what would be at the TOP of the list:
eight billion eighteen million eighteenth

And here is what would be at the BOTTOM of the list:
two vigintillion two undecillion two trillion two thousand two hundred twenty-third

Why should we care? Well now when we finish a competition in eight billion eighteen million eighteenth place, it will feel like winning.

3. The highest scoring word possible in Scrabble is QUIZZIFY, when played with the Q on one triple-word, the Y on the next triple-word space (over or down), one of the Z's on a double-letter space, and the other Z represented by a blank tile previously played in a different word. The point value for this, including the "bingo" points for using all 7 tiles, would be 419.
That's right, 419.
I know some of my blog readers are people I play Scrabble with online. Watch out, because the second I get QUIZIFY in my tiles, you are doomed, doomed, doomed! In fact, I'm going to make a point of using any blank tiles I get as Z's along the edge, perfectly positioned to prepare for my total Scrabble-world domination.

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