Thursday, September 14, 2006

At Peace with Pears

News from the Pear-Front:

The street-cleaner came, and swerved AROUND the pears and pear puree. I had a very friendly chat with him about this on Tuesday, explaining about the bees, the children who walk by on their way to school, and the smell. I was extremely nice. I am hoping that this Monday's street-cleaning will be an improvement.

The last few days, teenagers have been leaping off my porch steps to get to the pears, now that the lower ones have fallen or been picked. I brought a step ladder out for one of them the other day, fearing otherwise he would break his neck. I made him promise not to leap off the ladder. I also told him that in a few days, I would have another way for him to get to the pears....

Which leads me to my big news. On Tuesday, I ordered this:

It arrived this afternoon, and I've already put it together, and I've picked 5 pears with very little effort. It was dark and raining, so I put off further harvesting till tomorrow.

Boy oh boy, the pears are coming down! Yeeeeee haaaaaah!!!

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daisy said...

.Those pears are in trouble now