Sunday, October 29, 2006

Best Passages in Children's Books - A Contest!

This contest closed on November 5.
Please check the Contests list periodically for more contests. Thanks!

Okay, my thoughts have percolated and the contest is ready.


(1) The Amulet of Samarkand, new (Jonathan Stroud)
(2) On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft, new (Stephen King)
(3) $25 Starbucks gift card
(4) $25 Starbucks gift card

Contest Topic: Best Passages in Children's Books

How to Play: Submit your choices of "best" passages in the comments of one of the category posts linked below. All passages must be from children's or young adult books written in English. Passages can be as short as one sentence, but must not exceed 100 words.

Submissions will be accepted in 3 categories...

Be sure to enter your submissions into the proper category, using the links above. You can submit as many entries as you like per category, but I encourage you to try to select at least one for each category.

If you enter a passage for a category, you will be eligible for the drawing for that category. You will also receive 1 point for each entry, regardless of category. And... if you post about this contest on your blog, you will receive 10 bonus points (please let me know if you do post, so I get your points in). Points are good towards the 4th drawing as described below.

The submission period will end on November 5. Winners will be announced on November 6.

Winning: There will be four winners chosen in a series of drawings. First, one name will be chosen in each category. Every person who submits an entry to a category will be given an equal chance to win in this drawing, regardless of the number of submissions. Second, each of those three names will be randomly matched to prize 1, 2 or 3. Finally, for each point accumulated (see "How to Play" section) contestants will receive one entry into a final drawing for prize 4.

So, if you submitted a passage to all three categories, and posted about this on your blog, you'd get entered 1 time into each of the first three drawings, and 5 times in the last drawing.

Fine Print: If multiple people submit the same passage, I will only count the first entry. As with all Journey Woman contests, residents of the states of Confusion, The Union, Dread or Grace are not eligible to participate. Employees of Journey Woman's blog (that's me!) are not eligible (why why why?) to particpate.


Erin said...

This is so, so cool.

Just one question: how many of my Lemony Snicket quotes can I enter?! lol

Erin said...

I just posted it on my blog for my extra points! :)

featherbee said...

Ok, Little Willow, may I ask how you have such a wonderful knowledge of children's lit quotes? Sadly, many of these books I've not read, and I'm a kindergarten teacher! Of course, we're on the picture book level...

Nancy said...


I had a feeling you were going to ask about Lemony Snicket!

For now, try to keep to just one or two per category.


Little Willow said...

*grin* And those were mostly from my favorite YA releases from the past two years. Wait 'til I get started on my favorite classics.

Little Willow said...


runart said...

OK, so I guess I need to "officially" submit my entry here which I had mentioned yesterday. I would categorize it as "funniest" I suppose - to me it captures that spirit of childhood that Rowling seems to nail repeatedly. "I do solemnly swear I am up to no good." Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban. Of course, it is followed closely by the phrase needed to close the Marauder's Map - "Mischief managed." Genius.

runart said...

sorry, just realized i posted in the wrong place!!

Erin said...

Ack.....I promise I will submit more as soon as I get home from vacation, and can look in my commonplace book!

Musing said...

This is a fabulous idea for a contest!

We love it so much we posted about it on competizione. We're a clearing house for contests hosted by bloggers.

Hope you get lots of responses! :-)

Viagra said...

Hi Nancy, I really loved the idea. Sadly, I never read any book for children, so I can't give you my favorite ones.
I love you blog... keep up the good work.