Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Messages from Another Century

I made an excursion to one of my favorite antique stores, a little shop in the middle of Deer Isle where I’ve made a couple of cool discoveries in the past. Last year I found some great old sheet music and postcards, which I then framed as bits of retro art. This year I went hunting for the same kind of treasure. Here's what I found:

Postcard Batch 1

I bought this first batch of postcards because the pictures were great. All 4 are from the first half of the 20th century, from Western Massachusetts, not too far from where I grew up. I really like the one with the cars, because the picture is so cheery.

Postcard Batch 2

This batch I also bought for the pictures alone. On the left, two old pictures of Maine which I may frame to add to my collection. The top right picture is an ice jam in Lewiston, Maine in 1909. The ice rose to 74 feet above water level. It’s a pretty remarkable picture. And the bottom right was just a sentimental favorite – it’s view of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, in Webster, Massachusetts. More on that in just a second.

Postcard Batch 3

This last group of postcards I bought for the messages written on them. Following are the messages. I included dates where I had them, but they're all penny-postcards, so early 20th century is about right.

Top Left (same lake in Webster, Mass.)
No Date

Natives here say –
This means
“I fish here
You fish there
Noone fishes in the

Middle Left (Surf Bass Rocks, Gloucester, Mass.)
July 19, 1912
The hotel - isn’t it a
lovely location.
I am anxiously
waiting for some
news of your health.
Hope you are doing

Bottom Left (Newton, Mass. Charles River)
No Date

This place is just out of
Boston and your husband will
explain it to you. You tell
him he is an awfully good
man to get you cards etc,
but he isn’t quite so nice
as my husband.

Top Right (Cambridge, Mass. Harvard Old Pump)
April 24, 1908

(front) Do you remember the drink
we had from this pump? B.G.P.
(back) Dear Mamma,
Will try to get a chance
to write you Fri – have
been very busy this week.
This has been a fine day
real warm. As it was a
holiday, “Fast Day,” we went
on a trolly ride to Pinedale
and Massitesic (?) Lake; and
are going to theatre this eve.
Have not heard from Wallie
yet so don’t know how
the marmalade arrived.
I will now get ready for
the theatre. With Love

Middle Right (New Library and Memorial Church, Springfield, Mass.)
April 12, 1929
Dear Sunshine and Sunbeams,
I missed you so much, but
thank you for the gladness you
left around you. Auntie and Joe
came 7.30 but Auntie has an awfull
cold. Today we bought that
little house, and I hope it
will be pleasant when you get in it
again. Baby has had a
hard day today. I forgot
all about the 25 cents I
borrowed and you shouldn’t
give Azalia any more money – You spoil her for me.
Happy dreams to you.
May they all come true –
Your Auntie Ada.

Bottom Right (Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Echo Bridge)
February 25, 1909
Dear Flossie
I am on my way
to bring Mother home.
They sent for me
this morning.
- Ida

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