Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Ran Out of Candy!

Oh My God.

I had 1100 pieces of candy. I started out giving out 3 per kid, figuring on 300+ kids.

7:00 - realized I was running out, and switched to 2 per kid.

7:30 - realized I was really running out, and switched to 1 per kid.

7:40 - ran into the house and found a small stash of dove miniatures plus a few bags of potato chips and teddy grahams.

7:57 - ran into the house to hide.

Doing the math, I had well over 400 kids come to my house tonight. And that's before I ran out. The only thing that made me feel a little better is that my neighbors on either side ran out almost exactly when I did.

Pictures later!

Update: Talked to a neighbor. He says they had enough for 500 kids, and they ran out when I did.


Lady S said...

I wish I could give you some of mine. A street near us used to decorate and give out hot dogs and soda. Last year was the last time they did it (they are all in their 60s and 70s) and I think we had significantly fewer children than in the past.

Christine M said...

I have a bunch of candy left over - and then of course there's the new candy that was brought in by my little Pippi Longstocking and Harry Potter - it looks like a candy store exploded in my living room.

MotherReader said...

How is it even possible that 500 kids live around your neighborhood? What, are they bused in from all the local towns? Do you live near a K-5 boarding school? Are they some kind of kid-clone army? I'm amazed.

Nancy said...

From what I've been told by the neighbors, people drive in from surrounding towns.

It's like an extra little tax they don't tell you about before you move to Lambertville. My candy budget is going to support the addictions of interlopers (addictions to candy and pretty orange lights and jack-o-lanterns).