Monday, October 23, 2006

Tanga Puzzles, October 23-29

Here are the hints for the Tanga puzzles between October 23 and October 29. These are just hints, not answers. You can also check the Tanga blog, but people tend to give away the answer too soon there.

I'm adding a link to the sidebar to help you get to this post each day.

I'll put the hints right here in the post, but in a very light color; so if you want to see them, you have to highlight the text to the right of the date. Be careful about reading the post comments, as there may be spoilers in there.

Good luck!


October 23: Each of the clues should lead you to a proper word.

October 24: Wow, this was incredibly hard, and I needed a few hints. These are real spoilers. First, think about what you might find in your pocket, or in your sofa cushions. Remember you'll be looking for columns. Finally, before you can finish, remember the real nice elephant.

October 25: If you start with the last item in the 2nd row, and then get the first item in the 3rd row, you will understand the theme of the clues.

October 26: First, the MPH clue should read MPG. Also, once you get all twelve clues answered, don't forget the first sentence.

October 27: For the second step, look at the colored edging like a gameboard, where the black square is START.

October 28: After the Cleopatra puzzle, this might be the hardest Tanga I've seen. There is a shortcut, but I won't hint for that because it just makes the puzzle disappointing. But if you are looking for a shortcut, you can check the Tanga blog and someone pretty much gives it away within the first 15 comments. For the long way, I'll help by giving the first letter of each city, and whether it's in the U.S. or not: C (no), B (no), T (yes), B (yes), K (no), P (no), T (no), D (yes) and K (no).

October 29: First, don't use Google to try to find the quote or any of the phrases. The puzzle doesn't require anything that hard. Instead, look at the grid (ignoring colors for a moment) and notice what will be needed to fill it in. When you fill it in, use columns instead of rows. Last, don't bother with the yellow-square instruction -- it won't help you solve the puzzle. Sorry A.


runart said...

Geez, I got stuck on cylinder - would've been done in a flash but it took me many minutes to get that one. Kind of like searching for that last set in the daily set that wrecks your time!!

runart said...

Good Lord, that was hard. Like an idiot I looked at it early then had to leave so hours passed. The whole thing came to me on the treadmill at the Y. Figures that the "nice elephant" is dead - none of the current alive ones are worthy of that adjective.

Nancy said...

Today's was a lot of fun.

And don't worry about how long it takes you. As long as you finish within 24 hours of when the puzzle opens, you get the same points as everyone else.

runart said...

Hi Nancy,
Haven't tackled 10/29 yet but wanted to ask you what you thought about 10/28? I was out of town and was stuck using my laptop so I could barely even see the city scenes clearly. I thought this was not very well constructed - identifying the cities was a bear. And I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe that people GUESSED this in a few seconds??? Did you?? I didn't think that the majority of these photos qualified as a "skyline view" and then made that obvious as a guess? To me a skyline implies a panormic view of a horizon of a city not just a picture of the Eiffel Tower. They kind of lost me on this but at least I toughed it out the old fashioned way.

Nancy said...

Well, I definitely had skylines in mind when I looked at the pictures, because I kept googling different skylines to match them (ie, "Dallas skyline"). And the grid at the top was shaped like a skyline.

BUT, the image that had to be Berlin was actually a picture of Shanghai taken by someone in Germany, so that really messed up the puzzle. Had I not gone to the Tanga blog for hints, that might have tripped me up. But then the Tanga blog had a person basically give away the whole "guess the obvious" concept, and that ruined the puzzle for me.

runart said...

WHAT?????? Actually a picture of Shanghai?? C'MON. That is busted. I backed into some of these because they were the only way the words from the clues would fit. I actually had no idea what some of the cities were.
I had no problem with today's simply because my thick head is STARTING to get the way the puzzles constructor/contstructors think. A little.
LOVE the Halloween parade. :)