Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today's Tanga Puzzle

... very tough. Thank goodness for hints.

If you play, and don't have the patience to wade through the hint blog, I'll offer a hint here in the comments.

Update: The answer is posted in the comments now, so don't go there if you don't want to see it.

By the way, the points you earn are supposed to be redeemable in some way after the site launches (which is soon), so it might be worth it to have done these puzzles, beyond the fun that is.

Go to Tanga.


Nancy said...

Hint: You need to pair words together, using word association. Start with Hurricane. There is a word you can associate with Hurricane that you can also associate with another one from the list. It is a solid association, so you should know it when you come upon it.

Also, it doesn't hurt to pay attention to the body on the left.

I didn't end up finding all 7, but as I found each word, I tried it. My 5th word worked. If anyone finds all 7 let me know please. I'm curious.

runart said...

Hi N,
My thoughts on Tanga today are this and my answer was right as well after only getting 5:
1)hurricane/needle - eye
2)saw/gear - tooth or teeth
3) clock/poker - hand
4)bottle/sweater - neck
5)journey/table - leg
6)pin/bed - head
7)river/jar - mouth

How many points do you have? I lost out early because I wasn't really paying attention to how it worked and I'd look at the puzzle and if I didn't get it right away I'd just come back to it the next day!! Do you think you get points on how quickly you solved it or does that not matter? My fastest one was like 50 secs but I don't remember how many points I got for that.

Nancy said...

The points are based on solving the puzzle at all, not on how quickly you solve it. So no worries. I think I have 63.

Thanks for the list above. I had face for poker and clock, but either word works and keeps the alphabetical order the same.

I was missing mouth and teeth.

runart said...

OK, I have 63 too. Yeah, it was tricky with river - it could've been arm or mouth. Interesting with poker and clock!! Face had not occured to me - that was very smart.