Thursday, October 26, 2006

I DO Live in the Best Neighborhood

Kids are great.

This afternoon, two classes from the school down the street went on a walking tour of the Halloween decorations in town. It was hilarious listening to over-excited seven-year-olds shouting out "look there!" and "ooh, here's one that's scary!" and "look in the window!"....

Mine is the first really decorated house they got to after leaving the school, so they were pretty excited at this initial discovery. One child was kind enough to point out mine as they all trooped by, saying "This house isn't scary. The scary one is down there!"

Ah well. Scary isn't everything kid.

Here is my front porch, with a couple of updates. You can't see the cobwebs and spiders because they're in the foreground and I would have had to climb the pear tree to get that shot.

Here's my front door, which I'm pretty happy with. The little pumpkin at the bottom lights up and blinks, and children are very impressed by this. The big pumpkin in the middle is sort of fun-scary, and looks almost like he's breaking through the glass.

And because Daisy asked, here are the neighbor's new decorations. The one on the left dances, talks and screams "Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!" in a child's voice. It would be creepy but the sneakers make it kind of cute.

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Erin said...

Fun. :)