Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Word Things About Me

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The always wonderful and often funny (or is it often wonderful and always funny?) Mother Reader tagged me for the 5 things about me meme. Even though I've already done it, I thought I'd tie in my Words on Wednesday post with this meme, and honor the tag.

So, 5 Word-things About Me....

1. I have a curious ability to make myself very very believable when I lie. This, combined with a love of words, makes me a formidable Balderdash player.

2. I am a big fan of Scrabble, and am outraged that the latest Scrabble dictionary includes ZA and QI as valid words. Hmmmmmph!

3. I don't believe poetry must rhyme, but I am delighted when I find poems that use the sound of the language (alliteration, end-rhyme, internal rhyme, onomatopoeia, etc.) to draw me in. This is probably why I'm also a fan of old show-tunes, especially Cole Porter, who was a bit of a genius when it came to rhyme (Napolean Brandy and Mahatma Ghandi, wow).
You're the purple light
Of a summer night in Spain.
You're the National Gallery.
You're Garbo's salary.
You're cellophane.

4. I have a very strong visual memory, especially with text. So in school, if I needed to remember a certain piece of information, I would call up my memory of where that info was located on which page of which book, and that would give me the answer.

5. By the time I was 7, I learned to read upside down. I practiced on the newspaper while my dad read it right-side-up. This ability has come in very handy at work, where I can use it to read a document that is in front of someone else.

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Little Willow said...

I love Cole Porter.
I love Anything Goes. (Bonnie, to date, one of my favorite roles that I've ever played.)
I love reading upside down.