Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pinky and the Tanga Brain

Tonight's Tanga was fun. It required a knowledge of pop culture, animals, and flowers, and then the ability to puzzle out the logical steps to get the clue.

It took a group effort for us to solve it. I figured out step 1, another person chimed in with step 2, then another with the final solution. It wasn't pretty, but as I said, it was fun.

I'll probably keep posting a clue here each night, in the comments.

UPDATE: Other comments have now made the answer pretty easy to get from there. Read at your own risk.


Nancy said...

One clue and one piece of advice for the 10/17 puzzle.

CLUE: The flower is a lupine (pronounced LOO-PIN) and that's Pinky two boxes over.

ADVICE: When you get the clue, go to MSN.com and choose the appropriate category from their category list at top. Then -- this is important -- don't look under the NEW section.

runart said...

Ok, I'm lost on this - and I have no one to commiserate with. I have the following:
lupine/lou from the Simpsons
I have strung the first syllables together - lou/cat/pin/ham/key/cap/ten
I am getting nowhere. I have 24 hrs to ruminate on this but would appreciate a nudge.

runart said...

i forgot doll/dolphin as part of the mix??

runart said...

OK, I'm thinking out loud - hope you don't mind. Now I have:
lou/pin - lupine
cap/ten - captain
ham/stairs -hamsters
doll/fin - dolphin
cat/cher - catcher
key/fur -keifer
ten/tackle - tentacle
pin/key -pinky
Can't figure out how the letters coordinate with these pairs

runart said...

Got it - told you thinking (typing??) out loud helps. That was a fun one. First toughie in a while.

Nancy said...

Sorry I couldn't help you -- I didn't log on till you were already done!

Lady S said...

All right, I got all the words, but then what?

And where are the clues on boardgamegeek.com?