Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Old George Tanga Washington

Tonight's Tanga was a quick one. The answer turned out to be easier than I expected, so I wasted a little time looking for something more complicated. Then for fun I tried the simple solution, and got it.

Clues are in the comments.


Nancy said...


That's not currency at the top.

When you translate the numbers, something should jump out at you.

As an extra bit of fun, you can flip the last two digits of one of those numbers. But don't do this till after you've solved it. This is just to see why the puzzle works the way it does.

runart said...

that was fun again - I am impressed with whoever is creating these puzzles. Thanks for checking in with me yesterday - I'm glad I was able to get it on my own but work got in the way of my doing it quickly. It's frustrating (or maybe a good thing because i'm forced to use my own brain power) not having anyone to talk the tougher puzzles out with. I'm pretty much alone in my Puzzle Geekdom among family and friends!!

Lady S said...

Okay, got today's, but still don't get yesterdays. I figured out all the words, but then what?

runart said...

Just use them in the order of the pix at the bottom like a trail to decide which letters will give you the clue. Then I guessed every one I could think of before I actually had the right word. It was one of the trickier puzzles in quite awhile. I still think the Cleopatra one was the hardest.

Nancy said...

For the puzzle with all the pictures at top relating to pictures at bottom (lupine, catcher...) look at it like a connect the dots puzzle. Or more accurately, a connect-the-pictures puzzle.