Friday, October 20, 2006

A Little Poetry for You: A Parody of Browning

Last week's Poetry Friday post from Christine over at The Simple and the Ordinary got me to thinking about this poem. Another one I enjoyed as a child, it is a parody of Robert Browning's "How they Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix."

I discovered this parody before Browning's original, and though I'm a big fan of Browning, I like the parody better. Here it is.

How I Brought the Good News from Aix to Ghent (or Vice Versa)
RJ Yeatman & W C Sellar

I sprang to the rollocks and Jorrocks and me
And I galloped, you galloped, we galloped all three...
Not a word to each other; we kept changing place,
Neck to neck, back to front, ear to ear, face to face;
And we yelled once or twice, when we heard a clock chime,
'Would you kindly oblige us, Is that the right time?'
As I galloped, you galloped, we galloped, ye galloped they too have galloped; let us trot.

For the rest of the ride, which is quite a fun one, scroll down to Marian's second post which is about 2/3 down on this page.

Next week I'll try to get serious again and perhaps post a real Browning poem.

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Anonymous said...

there are more verses to this poem. worth chasing up as it continues in the same hilarity.