Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sadness and Trembling

I had a wonderful post put together for my "Words on Wednesday" series, and I'd share it with you, but Blogger is not letting me add images. And even though it's a post about words, the pictures do matter in this case.

Sad. (Update: Gave in. Downloaded Firefox. Images uploaded in 2 seconds. Sad no more!)

But I'll use this post just to mention that we had an earthquake here in Maine a couple nights ago. And you'd think, seeing I lived in the heart of Los Angeles during the Northridge (94) quake, and experienced all the aftershocks of greater and lesser magnitude, that I would have recognized this one. The whole house was trembling. There were glasses clinking. It went on for several seconds. All pretty good signs. But no. What did I think? "We don't have earthquakes in Maine. Must be the furnace getting ready to explode or some other such nonsense."


Stidmama said...

I really like these old postcards! Thanks for sharing the notes, too. It's like reading things from my great-grandmother.

Nancy said...

Aren't they fabulous? I'm determined to start collecting them now.