Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Quote Puzzler

For this week's Words on Wednesday issue, I offer a review of a nifty little site called Quote Puzzler. The puzzles on this site are great for bending and stretching the mind, shaking out the cobwebs, and engaging in a little healthy competition. Oh, and there are prizes and a good chat forum too. Here are the games you'll find at QP:

The Free Games

X-Words - Race against the clock to fill in the missing letters from 5 five-letter words.

My Secret Word - Find the right letters and arrange them to discover the secret word.

In and Out - Similar to hangman, only with each alternating guess you choose a letter that IS in the word, or is NOT in the word.

Word Builder - You are given 12 tiles to place on a game board where a word is already placed. Play and scoring are roughly similar to Scrabble, however, with 12 tiles to play, the word possibilities are better.

The Subscription Games (also available for one week to try without paid subscription)

Top Letters - Use 20 letters to make the best words possible in the shortest time. Each letter may only be used once, and you can make up to 4 total words. Letters in the first word count 4 times, in the second word, 3 times, etc.

Triplet Scramble - Rearrange blocks of letters to spell out a brief quotation.

Quote Puzzler - As the site's creator says, "You can get a Quote Of The Day anywhere...only Quote Puzzler is so cruel we make you unscramble it first."

Coming Soon

In beta testing now, and due to be added to the live mix any moment, is my favorite of all the games, "The Honeycomb."

The Honeycomb - Build words in a hexagonal grid. Use double-letter boxes, bonus points for longer words, and backwards/forwards words to really amp up your score.

Here's a link to some nice things people say about the site. But truly, the best way to sell yourself on it is to try it.

Feel like you don't have time to go to a puzzle site? Well... excluding The Honeycomb and Word Builder, the games above take about 10 minutes to do, in total. The Honeycomb and Word Builder are at your own pace, so you can take as little or as much time as you like. Generally, I take 10 to 15 minutes on Word Builder and 30 on The Honeycomb, so I'm done with all my puzzles in under an hour.

Then I spend 23 hours waiting for the next day's puzzles.


Chesterton said...

Hey great review. I need to go and renew my subscription now that I am reminded how great a site it is.

Nancy said...

YAY! The more competition the better!