Monday, June 25, 2007

Tanga Puzzles: June 25 - July 1

Here are the daily clues for the Tanga puzzles this week. To see the hint, highlight the space to the right of the date.

I don't give away answers here, just a small hint each day to help get you started or past a rough patch. If you want stronger hints, you can check the blog on the Tanga site itself, which is chock full of spoilers.

While I avoid giving away the answers on this page, be warned that there may be spoilers in the comments to this post, so open those with care.

Good luck!

June 25: For 10, look for zero.

June 26: Wow. Think of lost in terms of a game, not "in the woods." Also, in the end, substitute the 2nd word with another way of saying that.

June 27: The Starting point is clearly indicated, and that's all I'll say.

June 28: Be sure to start in the right spot. Once you fill in the blanks, the answer should be easy to find.

June 29: Green is "go."

June 30: Anna Graham would help you here.

July 1: Ask the crew, then check google images.

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