Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little Poetry for You: Memorial Day

It's Poetry Friday, and the start of the long weekend. I hope you all enjoy the break.

Here's a poem to remember the Memorial Day holiday.

Memorial Day for the War Dead
by Yehuda Amichai

Memorial day for the war dead. Add now
the grief of all your losses to their grief,
even of a woman that has left you. Mix
sorrow with sorrow, like time-saving history,
which stacks holiday and sacrifice and mourning
on one day for easy, convenient memory.

Oh, sweet world soaked, like bread,
in sweet milk for the terrible toothless God.
"Behind all this some great happiness is hiding."
No use to weep inside and to scream outside.
Behind all this perhaps some great happiness is hiding.

Go here for the rest of this poem.

Be well!

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Stidmama said...

That is such a sad poem... and yet so appropriate for this very sad commemoration. Thank you for finding it, for posting it.