Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little Poetry for You: Rexroth

Happy Poetry Friday!

I went wandering idly, not knowing what type of poem I was looking for this week. I tried a few key-word searches, and somehow found myself reading a selection of Kenneth Rexroth's poems for the first time.

This is the one I thought most appropriate to share.
by Kenneth Rexroth

I pass your home in a slow vermilion dawn,
The blinds are drawn, and the windows are open.
The soft breeze from the lake
Is like your breath upon my cheek.
All day long I walk in the intermittent rainfall.
I pick a vermilion tulip in the deserted park,
Bright raindrops cling to its petals.

Go here for the rest of the poem. You will also find three others at this spot, all equally good. My favorite line from the poems here is from the first peom on the page, "Runaway":
I wish I could be sure that deep in you
Was a magnet to draw you always home.

That bit alone makes Rexroth worth a deeper investigation I think.

After you grow a good appreciation for Rexroth, and have developed a healthy respect, only then should you go listen to these audio selections, which are purely HORRIBLE but highly amusing.


jules said...

Wow, that excerpt from "Runaway" is great . . . thanks.

Anonymous said...

You can find many more Rexroth poems (and essays and translations) online at


Andres Carl Sena said...

thanks once again for peotry friday

cloudscome said...

What a sweet poem that Runaway is! Thank for for the links and the post.