Monday, May 07, 2007

Thoughts on A Drowned Maiden's Hair

Did I mention I loved it?

What I loved:

It felt old-fashioned in a very cozy and familiar way. It captured perfectly that age of orphanages and spinsters and little girls who would rebel.

And yet, it was very fresh -- a totally unexpected story that made me laugh and cringe in surprise.

I loved the title. Including the "melodrama" description as part of the title was a stroke of genius, in my opinion. It tells you from a distance that this will be (as I said) both old-fashioned and a little saucy.

Maud's vulnerability is touching. [Spoiler!] Her betrayal is almost heartbreaking. Her spunk is exhilarating.

Muffet is a true heroine. If I didn't already have a great mom, I'd want Muffet to be my mom.

The carousel and the ocean , and the image of the bedraggled little girl moving between both, were visually effective.

[Spoiler!] It ended in exactly the right way. Wrapped up in the perfect bow, as this kind of book must be. Bravo!

Oh, and it won a Cybil this year too. Check out the Cybil write-up and author interview here.


Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back, Nancy! Hope you've been having a great time, and doing nice things for yourself (as it seems, from your comments at Robin's and 7-Imp that you are).

melrose plant said...

off to order this from amazon now !!