Thursday, August 02, 2007

39 Reasons Meme

So it's my 39th Birthday, and to celebrate, I'm starting a meme: 39 reasons to be happy today. I'm going to tag Miss Erin, Robin Brande, and the 7-Imp ladies.

Here are my 39 reasons to be happy today.

1. Healthy family
2. 5 birthday cakes
3. Fitting into smaller size clothes
4. Surprise parties
5. Maine
6. More Maine
7. Friends who make me laugh
8. Surprise phone calls from old friends
9. Fresh paint
10. Blueberries are in season
11. New babies in the neighborhood
12. Hearing a great song I'd forgotten all about
13. Kids who can cross their eyes and lick their own noses
14. Puzzles
15. Books and more books
16. Neighbors who look out for me
17. Friends who keep me honest
18. Nieces and nephews growing up into amazing adults
19. Starting my 40th year well
20. Looking forward to the achievement of turning 40
21. My first pedicure
22. Spa indulgences
23. Sharing Harry Potter with my mom
24. Wonderful coworkers who have fun
25. Opportunities to be smart
26. Opportunities to let others be smart for me
27. Blogging and reading blogs
28. Getting letters and packages
29. Coffee ice cream with chocolate
30. Freshly laundered sheets and towels
31. Hot scented baths
32. Making decisions
33. Air conditioning
34. Sofa breaks
35. Backyard gardens
36. Writing poetry out of the blue
37. Sudden memories of long-past events
38. Old old friends
39. Silly string, silly putty and bubbles


FranMag said...

Happy Birthday Nancy!!

#21 should have come much sooner and congratulations on #3!

Nancy said...

Thanks Fran! Can you believe a year has gone by since our summer scrabble marathon?

Erin said...


I'm working on the tag right now. :)

Jules said...


We responded!

Nancy said...

Thanks Erin and Jules!

Michele said...

A belated birthday greeting to you (I'm so hopelessly behind with my Blog reading again this week... !)

Little Willow said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Nancy,
Happy birthday to you!

MotherReader said...

That's a lot of reasons! Happy Birthday!

MotherReader said...

Oh, I need to add that 5 birthday cakes and fitting into smaller size clothes do not seem to go together, but if they do, then hooray for you!

HipWriterMama said...

Belated birthday wishes!

Robin Brande said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

You tagged me? 39 things? Criminy. I'll have to think.

Meanwhile, enjoy a brand new fresh year! Love those!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm still working on my list of 39 things (tagged by 7Imp).

Sara said...

Happy (39 times) Birthday!

I posted a poem for Poetry Friday at my blog, inspired by your original meme, after I was tagged by jules. So thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

Thanks all! What great lists of happy things too!

Jen Robinson said...

What a great list! Happy birthday, Nancy!

cloudscome said...

Happy Birthday Nancy! I think you snuck two extra reasons into # 39. Two to grow on?