Friday, August 10, 2007

A Little Poetry for You: Rogers

Happy Poetry Friday!

There's been so much talk about weird weather lately, I went hunting for a poem about wind and rain. Here is what I found.
In General
by Pattiann Rogers

This is about no rain in particular,
just any rain, rain sounding on the roof,
any roof, slate or wood, tin or clay
or thatch, any rain among any trees,
rain in soft, soundless accumulation,
gathering rather than falling on the fir
of juniper and cedar, on a lace-community
of cobwebs, rain clicking off the rigid
leaves of oaks or magnolias, any kind
of rain, cold and smelling of ice or rising
again as steam off hot pavements
or stilling dust on country roads in August.
This is about rain as rain possessing
only the attributes of any rain in general.

And this is about night, any night
coming in its same immeasurably gradual
way, fulfilling expectations in its old
manner, creating heavens for lovers
and thieves, taking into itself the scarlet
of the scarlet sumac, the blue of the blue

Go here to read the rest of the poem.

Go here for a bio of the poet.

And for something completely different, why not check out Sara Lewis Holmes' 39 Reasons to Write, which was an answer to the meme I posted for my birthday.


cloudscome said...

Simply beautiful how the poet says rain, any rain and then pours out images of particular rains... When she gets to the part about fingers touching I get shivers.

Sara said...

Nancy, this is gorgeous, so gorgeous. I'm going to bookmark it so I can copy it out by hand. I have a notebook where I collect my favorite poems so I don't lose them, and I want this one in it.

And thanks for the link to my 39 Reasons (and the original inspiration.) I just started writing and couldn't stop. :)

SevenImpossible said...

Contest extended?! Maybe I'll get it together and enter. It's just such a great idea, but I'm so disorganized these days.


Jules, 7-Imp

Anonymous said...

Oh God, thank you for linking the rest of the poem, I was like mad at you, huh. Sorry. By the way, have you heard about the viagra book? I want to get it.