Friday, August 31, 2007

A Little Poetry for You: Dove

Happy Poetry Friday, and happy end of August!

(It hardly seems possible that 2/3 of the year is done.)

The roundup this week is over at Mentor Texts.

My new poet this week is Rita Dove, one of the contemporary poets featured over at

Weathering Out
by Rita Dove

She liked mornings the best—Thomas gone
to look for work, her coffee flushed with milk,

outside autumn trees blowsy and dripping.
Past the seventh month she couldn’t see her feet

so she floated from room to room, houseshoes flapping,
navigating corners in wonder. When she leaned

against a doorjamb to yawn, she disappeared entirely.

Go here to read the rest of this poem.

Go here to listen to the poet reading this poem.

Go here for a brief bio of the poet.


hwalk said...

After reading a lot of older poetry--especially sonnets--that poem is quite a breath of fresh air for me.

Robin said...

Great to see you babbling earlier this week. We miss you!

Nancy said...

hwalk - glad to hear it!

I really enjoy finding new poets these days.

robin - nice to see you too!