Monday, February 05, 2007

Like the Bermuda Triangle, but Not

I was strangely sad to see this bit of news today, even though I've never been to Wisconsin and have no idea how cool this particular Wonder Spot might be.

I have been to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot several times -- did the crooked walk up the hill, stood in the wickedly-built cabin, got the whole vertigo thing going. And there was a place up in New Brunswick I visited once, where I put the car in neutral and let "gravity" pull my car up a hill.

Have you been to any "wonder spots?" If so, you're in the minority according to AOL's poll.

Here's the money quote from the AOL article (in the category of maybe this would have been better left a mystery):
One woman, after stumbling through the cabin, sprinkled her mother's ashes on the ground.... She just said, "This was mom's favorite place and she wanted to be here."


Disco Mermaids said...

I've been to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, too. Cheesy, yes. But so cool.

- Jay

Nancy said...

WOW. I got a DM comment!

The Mystery Spot is wonderfully cheesy. I used to make my friends go with me back when I lived on the West Coast. But each friend only had to go once, which is why they still talk to me.