Monday, February 05, 2007

Tanga Puzzles: February 5 - February 11

Here are the daily clues for the Tanga puzzles this week. To see the hint, highlight the space to the right of the date.

I don't give away answers here, just a small hint each day to help get you started or past a rough patch. If you want stronger hints, you can check the blog on the Tanga site itself, which is chock full of spoilers.

While I avoid giving away the answers on this page, be warned that there may be spoilers in the comments to this post, so open those with care.

Good luck!

February 5: Once you start filling this in, the second step becomes very clear. If you start with the 4-letter spot and work around that, you can probably guess the answer with just a handful of the spaces filled. Don't let this one make you cranky... or irritated ... or annoyed ... or ....

February 6: Mind-boggling. I flipped over this one.

February 7: I thought at first I was missing something, then I realized I was right.

February 8: Two clues tonight -- first, think about a Hungarian toy-maker; second, pay attention to the food picture, but ignore the background (I found it misleading).

February 9: Keep it simple. You may see that the answers have something in common, but don't let that take you down the wrong path on step 1.

February 10: Everyone seemed to get this quickly except me. My big problems were that I thought the melon was a kiwi, and I didn't recognize the toe sucker. Or rather, I recognized it, but I was in denial because those things freak me out.

February 11: Don't sort alphabetically. It helps to look at the second step from an angle.


runart said...

i can't figure out how to manipulate this grid. i understand it's supposed to be like a rubik's cube but still aren't getting anything intelligible - i feel like an idiot. do you move the columns and rows or individual letters?

Nancy said...

Shift the letters in the columns for U/D. Then do same in the rows for R/L.

Don't forget to wrap.