Monday, February 05, 2007

Lives in Letters: Postcard of Alarm

Sometimes I come across a postcard like this one.

Clinton Square
Syracuse, NY
February 20, 1913
Addressed to
Miss Laura J-
Clifton Springs, NJ

Scribbled at top:

is ill.

Dear Laura
Where have you
gone to – Are you
ill or what has
happened to you –
Ada N

Isn't it interesting to see this kind of message in writing? Today, if we were worried about not hearing from someone for a while, and concerned they might be hurt or sick, we'd pick up the phone. But in 1913, they sent postcards.
And then they waited.
Whose mother was ill? Ada included her last initial, so I doubt Ada and Laura were sisters.
That picture was Clinton Square in Syracuse in 1913. Today you can see Clinton Square in real time via the clintoncam. Or you can take the virtual tour and see some better shots of how the square has stayed the same and how it has been updated.
From penny-postcards to virtual tours? One thing's for sure, the times they have a-changed.


Vivian said...

Clinton Square looks so nice...that's not the way I remember it in my visits into Syracuse.

eisha said...

What a strange little find. Now I'm all worried about people I never knew who have probably been dead for 50 years. Huh...

Nancy said...

Eisha, yes, these postcards leave lots of "scope for the imagination." Anne Shirley would love them. But I feel a bit the same as you. I hope it all turned out okay.