Saturday, March 03, 2007

Indexed Got a Book Deal

A few weeks ago I mentioned this great blog called Indexed. The blog is a little bit of magic, combining the raw power of the index card with the quirkiness of one human brain.

I have trouble articulating exactly what Jessica Hagy does on this blog, so I'll use her own words:
This site is a little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math.
And her own pictures:

Do check it out. Jessica's just gotten a book deal out of the wonderful work she's done with this blog, and if you take a moment to look at just a few of her entries, you will quickly see why.



runart said...

Being a Catholic school girl, the diamgrammed sentence cracked me up. Thanks for the heads up on these!! great!

Nancy said...

I went back to her old stuff yesterday, and I can safely say she has kept the same quality throughout. I don't know how she thought this up, but I'm incredibly jealous.