Saturday, March 31, 2007

Silly Words Day!

New additions are at the bottom, and some of them are very silly indeed!

As previously proclaimed, March 31, 2007 is Silly Words Day.

Thanks go out to everyone who shared their silly words with me for the Silly Words Contest. You can still enter till midnight, so keep those entries coming if you're so inclined. I'll draw the winner tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, here are the silly words we've celebrated so far. I've included links to audio wherever possible, because the words are so much more silly when you hear them out loud.


smock (hear it!)

Whimsy (which is also a good silly word, come to think of it)
bonnyclabber (hear it!)
widdershins (hear it!)
razzmatazz (hear it!)
slugabed (hear it!)
snickersnee (hear it!)

Alkeda the Gleeful (gleeful also a good silly word... we may have a theme)
underpants (hear it!)
weasel (hear it!)
ubiquitous (hear it!)
measles (hear it!)
polyp (hear it!)

Alkeda points out that those last three have serious meanings but silly sounds.

The Old Coot
persnickety (hear it!)
codswallop (hear it!)
wombat (hear it!)

Miss Erin
doldrums (hear it!)
lollipop (hear it!)
bubbly (hear it!)
rutabaga (hear it!)

nincompoop (hear it!)

stidmama (who also includes some nonsense words in her post)
plump (hear it!)
polymer (hear it!)
harrumph (hear it!)
opacity (hear it!)
gerontology (hear it!)

Tim (who also recommends what might be my new favorite book: Poplollies & Bellibones)
splurge (hear it!)
polynomial (hear it!)
blurb (hear it!)

lollygag (hear it!)
rambunctious (hear it!)

balderdash (hear it!)
sesquipedalian (hear it!)
tarradiddle (hear it!)

lugubrious (hear it!)
boomerang (hear it!)
shrubbery (hear it!)

My own
kerfuffle (hear it!)
flibbertigibbet (hear it!)
discombobulated (hear it!)
indubitably (hear it!)
hullabaloo (hear it!)
guacamole (hear it!)
mollycoddle (hear it!)
sprocket (hear it!)
diphthong (hear it!)
bamboozle (hear it!)
haberdashery (hear it!)
tomfoolery (hear it!)
glockenspiel (hear it!)
kerplunk (hear it!)
thwack (hear it!)
sasquatch (hear it!)

Added Saturday

blatherskite (hear it!)
accoutrement (hear it!)
gobsmacked (hear it!)

Mary Lee and her students (Mary Lee's commentary included)
Zit (won't be long before they abhor that word!)
Dilfy (a made-up mom word for messy)
Atlatl (a prehistoric spear thrower)
Boonka (a word remembered from pre-speech, meaning blanket)
Kwakiutl (a NW tribe of Native Americans)
Mississippi (fun to say and more fun to spell FAST)
Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras)
Onomatopoeia (fun to say and spell - hear it!)
Gift Certificate (because the nominator only recently mastered the pronunciation of certificate...cerFITicate? cerFICKatut? Plus, they're fun to get!)
Pachycephalosaurus (there's nothing better than dinosaur names! - hear it!)
Antidisestablishmentarianism (is that really a word? - hear it!)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (we KNOW that's not a word, but it's delicious! - hear it!)

puzzle dust
coif (hear it two ways!)
nougat (hear it!)
funiculi (hear it!)
glabella (hear it!)
incredulous (hear it!)
diploblastic (hear it!)
zaibatsu (hear it!)
somniferous (hear it!)
mycelium (hear it!)
odoriferous (hear it!)
minutia (hear it!)
mashie niblick (hear mashie! hear niblick!)


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Here are my silly words:

I forgot all about the contest, so I appreciated your birthday wishes as a reminder. Thanks! There are some good silly words out there, and the three I posted really are just place-holders.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

P.S. Measles, polyp and sickle-cell are all silly words too, even though their meanings are anything but silly.

Robin Brande said...

This is too funny! I could listen to these words all day long.

What kind of a brain do you have, by the way, doing something like this? Whatever it is, I like it.

Anonymous said...

For your silly words day

Mary Lee said...

My students and mine are here:

jone aka msmac said...

Here is my list:

Erin said...

Yay! (And so cool that you can hear them....)

Michele said...

I'm am so discombobulated that my flibbertigibbert brain forgot about this... Feel free to kick up a hullaballoo and a kerfuffle. Indubitably I should be disowned, made to eat guacamole with a sprocket, and to mollycoddle you by way of compensation. This tomfoolery will not bamboozle you into not thwacking me with a sasquatch, will it ? I've dropped my diphthong somewhere - I think it fell into my glockenspiel ! :shock:


Nancy said...

Michele, that was brilliant!

Robin, my brain just wraps itself around words and especially how they sound.

Thanks all for the additional contributions! This was fun.

I'll select a winner later today.

Stidmama said...

This was great fun! Thanks for suggesting it -- I loved reading (and hearing) everyone's contributions.

jules said...

"Ginormous" gets me very time . . .

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I can't believe I forgot an important silly word: blister.

Especially when (and this is the silliest part) it was the family word for, hem hem, breaking wind. As kids, my brothers and I would hear of someone getting a blister on his or her toe, and we couldn't contain ourselves for the laughter.

I blame my parents, of course.

Michele said...

Thanks Nancy ! My brain just went there and wouldn't stop ! *grins*