Sunday, April 01, 2007

Silly Words Contest Winner!

Thanks to all who took part in the Silly Words contest. For the full list of words, and the links to all the contributors, see this post.

Here were my favorites to listen to:


My favorite use of the words came from Michele (who gets an entry into the contest for this):
I'm am so discombobulated that my flibbertigibbert brain forgot about this... Feel free to kick up a hullaballoo and a kerfuffle. Indubitably I should be disowned, made to eat guacamole with a sprocket, and to mollycoddle you by way of compensation. This tomfoolery will not bamboozle you into not thwacking me with a sasquatch, will it ? I've dropped my diphthong somewhere - I think it fell into my glockenspiel ! :shock:

There were 16 total entries, but only one winner. And that winner is...

Here was Tim's entry:
Splurge - it sounds like a Batman sound effect gone wrong.
Polynomial - I just like the way it sounds.
Blurb - another sound effect gone wrong.

I encourage you to say "splurge" out loud several times in a row. It gets sillier every time you say it. Congratulations Tim, and thanks again to everyone who played!

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jules said...

Congrats to Tim and to Michele for her impressive paragraph there!