Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Words on Wednesday: World Wide Words

I stumbled upon this weird words site for you today. That's right... I stumbled just for you. And now I have an 80's pop tune in my head... sigh.

World Wide Words

It's a good word site from the mind of Michael Quinion, author, Oxford English Dictionary consultant, and general word enthusiast. Here you can find weird words, fun phrases, current hot words or buzz words, questions from readers with fascinating answers from Quinion, and moremoremore.

It also has a "Surprise Me" feature that led me to these four excellent posts:

Whys and wherefores

Warm the cockles of your heart

Murphy's Law

At sixes and sevens

Lastly, and possibly most exciting (though I'll wait for another Wednesday to report back), this site has some cool links to other word sites, including one for Scots English, and one for regional American English. Maybe with that last one I can solve the mystery of "pop" vs. "soda." Or "hogie" vs. "hero" vs. "grinder." The possibilities!

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