Sunday, April 01, 2007

Creative Writing: April Verse #1

April is National Poetry Month.

In honor of that, you can find poetry in all sorts of places. For instance, Knopf will email you a poem every day if you go here and sign up. Greg over at GottaBook has promised he will write a poem-a-day and share them on his blog.

Me? I make no promises. But I figure I was going to do some creative writing today anyhow, so I can at least say I've marked the day and given the (National Poetry) month a nod. We'll see how the next 29 days look when we get there.
What Kind of Fool

What kind of fool
hears birdsong in the moon,
sees tulips in the tidepools,
tastes berries in the breezes,
and feels unloved?
No spring fool.
No April Fool.


Robin Brande said...

Love this, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Thanks Robin. This one actually caught me by surprise.

HipWriterMama said...

This is great!

Robin said...

WITS sends out children's poems every day during April. You can sign up at Or you can see them on the blog: Enjoy!