Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Creative Writing

I was home for Easter this weekend, and on Saturday afternoon my mother said, "You didn't put anything up today." Meaning on the blog. I mumbled something about it being Saturday and went about the business of stuffing plastic eggs.

Late Saturday night, I was on my mom's computer when she poked her head around the corner and asked, "Did you post anything yet?" (Gee thanks Mom, no pressure or anything.) I patiently explained that it was Saturday, and that I didn't post on Saturday unless I did post on Saturday. Which made perfect sense at the time.

But the reality is that it's been a crazy week and I was literally at a loss for anything to post the last few days. And the only reason I'm posting this explanation is so that anyone who does wander here doesn't say, "Oh my god, is she ever going to post anything again?"

That means you, Mom.


Stidmama said...

Being behind on my own web-writing project (just didn't make time for it last week)... I empathize.

On the other hand... it was nice to see this when I logged in this morning!

Daisy said...

no pressure