Monday, March 05, 2007

Lives in Letters: Postcard from the Auto Roads

A quick old postcard for your amusement.


Delaware Park,
Buffalo, N. Y.

July 17, 1918

Addressed to
Mr. & Mrs. H. H-
Patterson, N. J.

Noted below address: Furniture Mfg.
Arrived here this P. M.
after a wonderful trip
by Auto roads. Weather
& country beautiful. Hope
this finds you and Mrs. H-
in good health. Kindest
regards from the T-‘s

Check out the clothing in the picture. It's very 1918.

I don't understand why there was an extra note scribbled at the bottom (under the address) that said "Furniture Mfg." Perhaps it was a business address.

There's not much to say about the message, but I loved the reference to the "Auto roads." I can almost imagine a time long ago, when an automobile trip would be a quiet and wonderful experience that allowed you to see the beautiful country. These days, you pretty much only see the SUV in front of you and the big rigs on either side.

Update: In the comments, a link with some very cool info on Delaware Park. I didn't realize it was an Olmsted creation. Thanks dshep!


dshep said...

Check out this page for a history of Delaware Park in Buffalo. It must have been quite the place to be!

I do enjoy your post card series.

Anonymous said...

GeoCities shut down their site some time ago - the old link,, is now at Not all postcards and images have been uploaded (as of Sep '12), but will be quite soon.

- S. M. Broderick, webmaster