Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fluorescent Magenta, Girl of Distinction

When I was 8 my favorite color was Fluorescent Magenta. It was a dark, bright pink and for me the best crayon in the Crayola 64. The best part about it wasn't even the actual color, but its name.

Fluorescent Magenta... Fluorescent Magenta... perhaps the most romantic name for a color imaginable to an 8-year-old. It didn't even sound like a color name, but more like the name of a young woman from a romantic adventure novel.
Who will save Fluorescent Magenta now?
What will Fluorescent Magenta do next?
Will Fluorescent Magenta find him in time?

Imagine, if you will, Fluorescent Magenta's family, the Shadetones, living in the suburban town of Green Valley:

Fluorescent Magenta Shadetone, our main character
Cerulean Blue Shadetone, her loyal older sister
Burnt Sienna Shadetone, her intrepid little brother
Mrs. Shadetone, her mother, who works at the crayon company
Mr. Shadetone, her father, who works somewhere unspecified

And the other people in Fluorescent Magenta's life:

Esmerelda Gray (not Grey, unfortunately), spiteful schoolmate
Jack Black, a rogue
Periwinkle Pleasant, a true friend, whose mother also works for the crayon company
Umber Trueheart, the new guy in town

I'll keep thinking on this. May have to tweak some of the character names, and then develop a plot, but just having the main character so "vivid" has to be a good start, I think.


Curtis said...

You forgot:

Puce Alana Moss, the cowardly lyin' neighbor,

Carmen Veranda, the Brazilian maid,

Crimson N. Clover, the owner of the local pub.

Indian Red said...

Hi Nrkii

...actually she is known as "Hot Magenta"...I knew her well...that is before I was kicked out of the box and replaced by "chestnut".

Indian Red said...

Wow, I just noticed you mentioned my great friend Raw Umber. He used to hang out with Raw Sienna . Boy, those guys were always half-baked!! Burnt Sienna used to get so mad at them!

We had us some great times back in the day when peach was flesh!! You should try and contact Razzle Dazzle Rose. She was a great friend of Hot Magenta. She may be able to tell you a story or 2.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories!!

Nancy said...

indian red, thanks so much for the all out laughter you've provided this evening... may I pick your brain later as my story progresses?

Indian Red said...

Yes, please do! This is like a trip down memory lane for me.

One color you did not mention that is one of my personal favorites is "wisteria". What a great name! Very classy and sophisticated. Quite the opposite of Razzle Dazzle Rose.