Monday, July 17, 2006

Quote of the Day, 7/17/06

I found this quote and thought, "odd connection, but it works." The quote is from Anthony Minghella, screenwriter and director (The English Patient and The Talented Mr. Ripley, to name just two), but more importantly the quote is about Jim Henson, creator of the Sesame Street and Muppets characters. The connection from Ralph Fiennes to Gonzo seems a bit tenuous, but apparently Minghella and Henson were connected through other work.

Before I get to the quote, a recommendation -- pick up some of the DVDs of The Muppets if you have a chance. Still fabulous viewing after many years, and a chance to see Roger Moore, Danny Kaye, and many others at some of their oddest moments. The Roger Moore and Miss Piggy love scene is pretty classic.

Okay, here's the quote:

From Kermit the Frog, literally an extension of Jim Henson, comes a life-affirming decency, a passionate belief that there are stories to tell which don't exclude children and don't insult adults, which don't exclude adults but which don't insult children, which can be outrageous and innovative without being arch or misanthropic. There's anarchy here, but it's anarchy that celebrates rather than destroys.

I found this quote in It's not Easy Being Green and Other Things to Consider. Keep this and The World According to Mr. Rogers by your bedside and you'll never start or end your day angry (provided you also open them up and read them).


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Curtis said...

Anthony Minghella is directing a new production of Madame Butterfly, which will open the Met's 2006-07 Season on Monday, September 25.