Sunday, July 16, 2006

More on Fluorescent Magenta, Girl of Distinction

As silly as my Fluorescent Magenta idea seemed last night, I woke up thinking about it in all seriousness. Here are my additional notes -- which I scrambled to write down as soon as I could get to paper this morning.

Fluorescent Magenta, Girl of Distinction
A Romantic Adventure told from the perspective of an 8-year old girl with a big vocabulary

Chapter 1
Everyone turned to watch when Fluorescent Magenta walked down Main Street. Even in a place as colorful as Green Valley, it was impossible not to notice the brightest and boldest girl in town....

Color Commentary (to be used like the old Swifties)
Esmeralda was positively green with envy.
Jack’s face turned beet red.
Fluorescent Magenta was feeling a little blue without her best friend.
Her mother had a sunshine yellow voice.
Her father was being blackmailed!

Chapter 2 (with a nod to Crayola)
There were 64 students in Fluorescent Magenta’s school year, and she was at the top of the pack....


Curtis said...


Elprup Colorblind, the myopic optomotrist who couldn't see the color purple

windella said...

I like it- keep going.

Nancy said...

Curtis, brilliant! I think "The Color Purple" will be the book they're assigned to read in school.

Curtis said...

Here's a few more:

Jade Law, Justice of the Peace;

Aqua Akbar, owner of a Middle Eastern restaurant;

Ecru C. Verbalist, Jr., Jumble editor for the Green Valley Gazette;

Ecru C. Verbalist, Sr., first violinist for the Green Valley Philharmonioc;

Cream de la Krem, linguistics professor at Green Valley Academy, a prep school;

Mauve, Cherry and Pearly, Green Valley's village idiots, aka The Stooges;

Moss Heart, a writer of romance novels;

Wisteria Lane, reporter for the Green Valley Gazette.