Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Going Sailing

I'm going sailing next week, off the coast of Maine. Not sure if I'm going to leave this blog untouched while I'm gone, or leave it in the stewardship of a trusted buddy. We shall see.

This will be my 5th sailing trip in 4 years. Here's a picture from last year -- this isn't the boat I was on, but another boat that was in the same harbor one night.

We'll be sailing up through Penobscot Bay. No real destinations, just going where the wind (or if needed, the motor) takes us.

If the thought of sleeping on the ocean for a few days and doing practically nothing whatsoever sounds appealing, here's a link to read up on windjammer sailing in Maine. I will be on one of the boats listed on this site.


Curtis said...


I am soooooo jealous. I love sailing, having grown up in Huntington Bay about 1/2 mile from the water. We belonged to one of the major yacht clubs, the Bay Club, which faces right towards the Sound between LLoyd's and Eaton's Necks.

We races Blue Jays when I was 12 to 14 and then larger Lightnings. I've been to most of the major regattas in LI Sound--in Manhasset Bay and Larchmont, for instance. Unfortunately, I haven't done much sailing in the last 20 years, except for Thursday night races out of Knickerbocker YC inManhasset Bay when I was in law school, and some solo Laser stuff up in RI a few years ago. Have never gone bare boat chartering or windjamming, but it sounds so romantic. I love reading sea stories. Most recently, I read a book by a guy who was in Panama at the end of WWII and was trying to get back to his wife in Australia. There was no way for him to get there so he (a non-sailor) bought a small (20 to 25 feet) sailboat and attempted to sail across the Pacific. He survived lots of nasty stuff, including a hurricane and would up stranded and shipwrecked in the eastern Figi Islands, where he was rescued by the locals and eventually transported to New Caledonia where he was able to get a flight to Australia. I just love those kinds of stories.

By the sheerest coincidence, my sister is leaving for a week in Maine on Saturday--but they're staying inland on Lake Sebago, where I went to summer camp (Camp Oh-At-Ka [sp.?]) at ages 10 and 11. Wave if you see them on the Merritt Parkway.

I'm sure you'll give us a full report when you get back. Feel free to embellish with stories of sea monsters and pirates, including pictures.

Curtis said...

On another topic, I just logged into Babble. How does it work? Is there a time limit? How do I see how everyone else did? What are the stats all about? For example, if a letter says 3/15, what does that mean? Also, if it says 121 words what does that mean? I'm so confused. Also. can I do it for a while, log off and come back to it later?

Curtis said...

Right now I have 49 words and 679 points. Is that good, mediocre or pitiful?

Nancy said...

Hi Curtis. Sorry, have been crazy busy today.

Your sailing sounds like much more "real" sailing than mine. I'll mostly be napping and reading and if I'm good about it, writing.

RE Babble, it's horribly addictive so use caution. 49 words for this grid today, for your first time, is good. Yes, you can log off and come back later. Also, feel free to ask for help in the chat -- everyone is very nice (except for the occasional brat). And lastly, there are all sorts of useful links on the page to get help, especially up at the top. Read through that, and it will make more sense.

Curtis said...

I've gotten uo tp 64 words with 57 left. Have you ever come close to getting all the words?

About the sailing, I think you're the real salty dog. I've never slept on a boat before. Are you the captain or just one of the crew? And who's doing the cooking?

Douglas Twitchell said...

Hey nrkii, you'll be up my way next week! I live a couple hours from Penobscot Bay, and have a good friend who lives in Sprucehead. Have fun sailing! I've never been sailing, but have been out on the Lobstah boats with some friends from Friendship!

Nancy said...

Curtis, I'm a babble-addict, so I finish Babble every night. I wish I had the discipline to just play for an hour and move on.

Another recommendation if you keep playing, look for the link to BabblersAnonymous at the bottom of the page, and from there, go to General section and click on Stats. There, you'll get a list of all the two-letter starts of today's words (and point values). It can really make the last words come much easier.

Nancy said...

Douglas! Good to hear from you here. I'm so jealous of you for living in Maine. Please save some space for me, because one day I'm going to figure out how to make my income portable, and Maine's where I'm going.

(A note to Curtis about my sailing ... me, the captain? ha! I'm just a lazy passenger! All heavy lifting, including cooking, done by a fabulous crew. My job is to help raise sails, when I feel like helping, and to not trip over the ropes and fall overboard.)