Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sailing in a Northeast Paradise, Day 5

Day 5, going home

We had our last coffee, flag raising, and breakfast on Thursday morning. We packed our belongings, then raised the sails one last time and headed for Rockland.

On this last sail, there were final photographs, emails exchanged, and promises to send pictures.

It was foggy and grey out on the water, and for me that was the perfect way to finish up a trip to Maine. I'd been missing the fog the previous days. We couldn't see any landmarks to know where we were along the way, or how far we had left to go, until we finally got to the Rockland lighthouse and knew we were minutes away.

We brought the sails down, and Enoch pushed us in to the "Journey's End" dock. Then it was just hugs all around, luggage in the car, and the long drive back to un-civilization, where we would develop our pictures, give out souveniers, and start planning our next sail.

I'm including my favorite of the photos I took. This was a young boy, about 10 years old, who rowed out to Victory Chimes on our first or second night of sailing. He rowed around us twice, and on his second pass I snapped this photo. Something about the way the water and light and trees and boat and boy work together seems to tell a story that I haven't found the words for yet.


windella said...

Thank you Nancy for the postings. I look forward to reminiscing about our voyage on the VC for a long time to come.

Ladybuginred said...

It took me longer to sign up than I thought and now I've lost what I wrote...but your chronology is great and a help to me with my notes and all the gaps! Like you, I brought along lots of reading material and puzzle magazines and didn't touch them. Not sure what I was so busy doing, otherwise, but I enjoyed every minute of it. For those of you who read all of Nancy's entries above you'll believe that we started out on Day 1 saying "it doesn't get any better than this" and it did, every single day.

Robin said...

Have you been to the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland?

Nancy said...

I've been TO it, but not IN it. Every time I'm in Rockland I'm either getting on or getting off a boat, so I have only had time to go to the museum store.