Saturday, July 22, 2006

Going Sailing, no Blogging from the Boat

We're off to Maine tomorrow morning, and will be without computers, televisions, radios and telephones for the next several days. I'll bring a cell phone but don't expect much reception from up there. Heaven!

Here's another photo from last year's trip.

I've packed three novels, two Games magazines, and two notepads. I hope I remembered pens, but will now implant a sight memory to remind myself to check that later (when I see my striped shoulder bag on the bed, that will remind me to look for pens...). I don't know why this works, but it's at least 90% reliable for me.

We're back on Thursday night, at which point I may start posting a short series of "sailing in Maine" posts to get it out of my system. I'll be sure to take notes and pictures in case of moose or porpoise sightings.


Curtis said...


Bon voyage.

May you have smooth seas, steady winds and red skies at night.

Robin said...

Have a wonderful journey, dear woman. See you back on the babble field when you return.

Curtis said...


I hope you see this when you get back. I just completed my first Babble. I see you're listed on the Who's Hot list as having complested 29 of the last 30 puzzles. You are an animal. I'm currently listed as chj, but i'm thinking of changing it to get rid of my early efforts where I really wasn't trying very hard. I'll let you know if I do.

Douglas Twitchell said...

moose are the homeliest critters God ever did create. And a tad frightening when you're driving a deserted, winding road and one pops out of the woods in front of you!

Curtis said...

NYTimes Thursday puzzle SPOILER!!!!

Do you remember the famous 1996 election day puzzle where the clue asked for the winner of the election and you could answer either CLINTON or BOBDOLE and both worked with the down clues?

Well today's puzzle is similar. There is an across clue that can be successfully answered in two ways. I won't give the answer just yet, in case you want to work it out yourself.