Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another Myth Debunked

Geez, why not just say there's no Santa Claus and kill my entire belief system?

The truth about the 5-second rule


featherbee said...

"Clarke’s studies earned her an “Ig Nobel” prize, but all her friends stopped asking her to butter their toast."

That cracked me up!

And...yeah...I'd be thinking the second one....

"For some, the issue is, How much bacteria might now be on that cookie, and does it have the potential to make me sick? For others, the question is, Was that really the last Oreo?"

MotherReader said...

I know. It totally ruined things for me too.

Nancy said...

At an after-work adult-beverage event tonight, I brought this up, and a coworked asked me if the "kiss it to heaven" technique was still valid protection for dropped food.

I've never heard of the "kiss it to heaven" concept. Of the 8 at our table, only the 3 Italian-Americans had heard of it.