Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tanga Puzzlethon Hints

Here are a few hints for the Tanga puzzlethon.

All 24 are hinted below. Highlight to the right of the puzzle time if you have trouble seeing the hint.

Good luck!

7PM - This grid contains...

8PM - Find the word in the middle by finding the words across.

9PM - Don't forget the "s" in the first part.

10PM - The note at the bottom should sound vaguely familiar. A few of these clues are oddly worded though, so try these variations: "It's up to the rodent" and "Become educated."

11PM - A couple of notes: The scale is important. I'd also suggest you use "tile" instead of "piece." It makes the pairing easier to figure out.

12AM - It's easy to overlook the 31st letter, and that turns out to be the most critical.

1AM - Notice how the top instructions are written. The clues are understated, but not too hard to find.

2AM - Now I've got it stuck in my head. By the way, it's important that you know who the woman is. She was back in my pre-Christmas quotes, along with Danny Kaye.

3AM - Once you get the word, the last element is to translate for the final answer.

4AM - Be sure to use the decryption shape. And yes, numbers matter.

5AM - Reading this one out loud is very helpful.

6AM - The instruction at the top is a question and an order.

7AM - Well, I'll be! This one shouldn't be too tough for you, but I had trouble getting started.

8AM - Use a thesaurus. Keep it short. This one is a pun similar to the infamous "butter" puzzle.

9AM - The answer really is right before your eyes.

10AM - Prince Michael's instructions are clear.

11AM - That picture in the third line is a net.

12PM - You need to get the link to the image from the puzzle discussion on Tanga. Once you have that, you can solve this by getting just the first 4. If you figure out the last 3, let me know -- I never did get them.

1PM - This one is well within reach.

2PM - Two things to notice. One, there's a reason to use #, and two, if you can think of one word for "fundamentals" that starts with BA, but you think it should be one letter longer, don't give up.

3PM - If you have trouble taking this one in, you might need to change your filter.

4PM - Very popular tanga theme here.

5PM - There is a reason magenta and Apricot are special.

6PM - You're looking for an 8-letter answer. Also, keep in mind that Ernestine often gets the last word.


runart said...

N, I'm still stuck on 4:00 and 6:00 am the super hero one. I have used the decoder thing on 4:00 but find the words fan and overt - are they what i'm looking for? uuggh - can't get this one.
Just not sure about the super heroes? do we have to know which came first chronologically?
I am sick today so this is not helping.

runart said...

got 4:00 now still trying to play catch up.

Nancy said...

Sorry I wasn't around to help runart. I hope you made it through okay, and that you're feeling better.

For the superhero puzzle you do need chronology. I used wikipedia and it got me close enough.

runart said...

Hi N,
I got the super hero one thanks to a random hint I saw at bbg. But I was 2 minutes too late to get my point for the last one which just frosted me. By now I should pick up the Tanga -ism of that puzzle immediately. I knew there was something notable about the use of Darwin's initials and just didn't get it until it was too late to type it in before 10:00. I have a feeling I'm not alone on that one.
Yup, feel much better but yesterday wasn't really fun with obsessive puzzle solving thrown in. It's all about the couch and football today. How did you do on the puzzles yesterday? The one that hung me up the most was easy and I was stunned when I saw it and how blind I was.

Nancy said...

I was at a friend's yesterday, and lost track of time. It was about 30 minutes before the end when I realized I hadn't done the last 4 puzzles. We scrambled, and made it through with about 3 minutes to spare, thanks to a lot of hinting from the chats.