Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meme - Which Would You Rather

Erin's made me answer these! Which would I rather have...?

Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger, unless I'm at a baseball game. Then absolutely a hotdog!

A kiss underneath the stars on a clear night, or in the rain? Tough one. I love the rain and I love the stars. If it was a hot summer night, I'd choose rain. A cool autumn/winter night I'd choose stars.

A snowy morning or a warm afternoon? SNOW, SNOW, SNOW

Hot chocolate or coffee? Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I enjoy. I've never grown into being a coffee or tea drinker.

A text message or a phone call? Depends who it's from. If it's work, email is easier because I can keep a record of the conversation. If it's a friend, a call is generally more fun, but a part of me still regrets not being able to "capture" the call.

A limo or a VW Bug? Neither. A Jaguar or a Mini Cooper please.

A long island iced tea or a martini? If I had a couple of tasty margaritas first, then I wouldn't care which of these two followed.

A book or a movie? Wow, this depends on my mood of the moment. If I want to be self-indulgent, I would probably go for the movie. If I want to accomplish something I'd go for the book. Not that books aren't an indulgence too.

Tea or soda? Seltzer. Especially plain seltzer. In a large vat please.

An axe murderer for a friend, or a clown? Let me get back to you on that. Clowns really freak me out.

A peaceful lake or a restless ocean? OCEAN, OCEAN, OCEAN

A singular best friend or many acquaintances? Neither. A few very good friends is ideal for me. I no longer feel like I have to have a "best" friend. I love them all.

A job as a burger-flipper for McDonalds, or as a stunt woman? Both would be serious health-hazards for someone as accident prone as I am.

A dog or a cat? DOG, DOG, DOG

Erin, I'll throw a few back at you, which I'll answer later. Which would you rather have:

A world without words or a world without color?

An empty amusement park or an empty shopping mall?

The mannerisms of an insufferable opera diva or the mind of a mad scientist?

No memory of history or no memory of yesterday?

1 comment:

Erin said...

"a part of me still regrets not being able to "capture" the call."

I know what you mean! Emails are nice because you can save them to look back on later. :)

I'll do your new answers, although they're hard ones!