Monday, January 01, 2007

Meme: Three Things

Lady Strathconn tagged me twice this week! Here's my three-things list. The other meme I'll publish for Tuesday.

Three things that scare me: spiders, satan-movies, pictures of Michael Jackson

Three people who make me laugh: my father, my friends R&T

Three things I love: snow, poetry, sappy romantic movies

Three things I hate: disrespect, discourtesy, disease

Three things I don't understand: how television works, what people see in reality TV shows, how Jack Bauer goes a full 24 hours without eating or using a bathroom

Three things on my desk: boxes I still haven't unpacked since moving a year ago

Three things I'm doing right now: using a full box of kleenex, sucking on a cough drop, waiting till it's time for my next dose of Nyquil

Three things I want to do before I die: write a novel, publish a poem, make the lives of those around me somehow better

Three things I can do: read upside-down, recite the alphabet in Spanish, make logical connections quickly

Three things you should listen to: children at play, children with ideas, children with questions

Three things you should never listen to: rap, nails on a chalkboard, dentist drill

Three things I'd like to learn: how to sing, how to dance, the secret recipe for Coke

Three favorite foods: chocolate, brown sugar, blueberries

Three beverages I drink regularly: seltzer, water, and much less often wine or beer

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid: Little House on the Prairie (books and TV), Nancy Drew (books and TV), Trixie Belden

Three blogger friends that I am going to tag: Featherbee, Erin, Douglas


featherbee said...

I'll have to do this one a little later in the week! My letter F took a while tonight. :)

featherbee said...

And where did your letter B post go???

Nancy said...

It's back. I was going to wait till Thursday to publish it, but I moved it up to Tuesday. It's Tuesday in Europe already, so I figure that works.

Erin said...

What fun! I will be sure to post asap.... :)

Lady S said...

And again, nice job. I love how people have such different ideas about things. I love when I read other bloggers' answers and think, oh, I should have said that.

Like I can totally read upside down and this year I am getting better at writing upside down on a dry erase board.

Little Willow said...

Feel better.

I love writing and reading upside down.

Nancy said...

Lady S.... I had trouble not stealing your answers for this one! And writing upside down -- that's truly impressive.

I offered to show a 4-year-old how I could read upside down, but she was too frightened to let me. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks LW! I'm fading fast tonight, but I'm due for Nyquil in about 10 minutes -- whoo hoo!

Erin said...

P.S. Get well soon!

Erin said...

I did it!

Douglas said...

It took a while, but I have responded to your tag here