Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chocolate Glee

I didn't win the MegaMillions.

I didn't win anything in the Tangathon.

I didn't win (or, I admit, even come close to winning) at bowling during my high-school reunion events.

And I just finished telling a friend that, of course, "I never win anything."

But look. What's that? An email from Robin Brande, author, blogger and benefactress to the sugar-deficient.... An email saying -- are you listening, are you paying attention, are you comprehending the pure joy and beauty of it all? -- I've won chocolate in her monthly chocolate giveaway!

That's right folks. I am a chocolate winner. And really, when it comes to chocolate, we're all winners aren't we?


runart said...

It's all about the chocolate.

Robin Brande said...

Nancy, I'm happy you're happy. Consider me the chocolate elf.

Kimmy said...

What? There's chocolate to be won? Where have I been!