Thursday, November 30, 2006

What I'm Reading

I'm living a very jumbled reading life right now. This is a first for me, as I usually read one book at a time.

Very Recently Finished: entire Narnia series
Comments: I loved it all except the last book, which I found disappointing and frustrating from start to finish. Not that the last book didn't have lovely moments. It just didn't seem in tune with the rest.

Very Recently Finished: Katie John
Comments: I had a sudden flashback several weeks ago, and remembered that I adored the Katie John books when I was 9 or 10. So I went online and bought them to read again. This first book was fun and funny and sweet and all I hoped it would be.

Currently Reading: The Amulet of Samarkand
Comments: I've been reading this for weeks, but can't get inspired to read more than one or two chapters before I put it aside for days on end. This book seems like hard work.

Currently Reading: Honestly, Katie John!
Comments: This one is the title I remember best, but now that I'm reading it, I realize there's another book that came between Katie John and Honestly, Katie John that I didn't buy yet. I'll finish this one and go back after the middle one arrives. Still having great fun! Boy-haters unite!

Currently Reading: Lisey's Story
Comments: I'm starting a new job on Monday that will require a 45-minute commute. Audio-books, here I come! I picked up the new Stephen King book to start with, plus borrowed about 10 more from my mother -- this should get me into January I hope. So far I've listened to the first 4 hours of Lisey's Story and I'm hooked. I'm confused, but I'm hooked.

Currently Reading: The Christmas Train
Comments: I've got the King book on cassette, and The Christmas Train on CD. So I can switch back and forth with ease. I read The Christmas Train last year and thought it was fun, light and festive. So I figure it's a good re-read for the holidays. Especially for days when I have to go out shopping and need to get in the festive mood. When I'm done with The Christmas Train, I have Garrison Keillor Christmas stuff and David Sedaris Christmas stuff on CD as backups. Or I'll just stick with the King and let myself get totally caught up in his world. (A little less ho, ho, ho, and a little more heh, heh, heh.)

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featherbee said...

In Lisey's Story, the confusion will ease off soon...explanations are coming! I just hope to heavens you have someone good reading it. (And not the author! He drives me crazy when he reads his own work!)