Monday, November 06, 2006

Tanga Puzzles: November 6 - November 12

Here are the daily clues for the Tanga puzzles this week. To see the hint, highlight the space to the right of the date.

I don't give away answers here, just a small hint each day to help get you started or past a rough patch. If you want stronger hints, you can check the blog on the Tanga site itself, which is chock full of spoilers.

There may be spoilers in the comments here, so open with care.

Good luck!

November 6: Fun puzzle, though I was in a hurry so I mined the Tanga blog more than I would have liked. To get yourself on the right track, imagine you have to thoroughly describe the picture up top, without using any foreign words. In that description, you will find some direction for what to do next, if you pay close attention.

November 7: The picture clues will yield a hint that is 16 letters long.

November 8: Just remember you can't buy anything you don't have the money for.

November 9: The answers are themed. Work on "tornado" and "remorseful" clues first. Add in "skull" or "spanish number" if the theme doesn't jump out at you from the first two.

November 10: Sorry no clue. Tanga is not letting me in.

November 11: One thing I notice about Tanga puzzles is that when they have those paragraphs up top that seem like nonsense, there is always something in there (and it's often repeated) that matters.

November 12: Ooh, nice way to end the week. Here's a rather big clue: You can reuse letters.


runart said...

HHHHAAAA,sometimes it helps to be an old chick. Only had to fill in a few letters to get it - tried last name first which was stupid. I also got Bowie in a flash a couple of weeks ago. These are definitely skewed culturally and generationally.

runart said...

I needed to look at your hint on this one. The fact that there were 16 letters per 8 clues really helped. I perisisted for a while with the wrong letters but finally got it. Nice one for election day.

runart said...

Greta fun!! It helped to be a sports geek on this one.
Nancy, guess what!! I had a 24 sec time on the Daily Set a few days ago!! Far and away obliterating my previous PR - I had no one else to tell who would actually get it!! In any event, I've been horrible since. :)

Nancy said...

24 seconds is right in with the best times I've seen on Daily Set! WOW!!

runart said...

Nancy I'm a dope on today's Tanga... I have words for the letters - bee, are, pea, jay, tee, why, see/sea? I cannot figure out what the #'s represent - word order in a phrase? Times the sound is used? Anything I try phonetically sounds like gibberish.

runart said...

Got it, N.

runart said...

I kept trying to take the letters of the word "advice" out of my answers. DOH!! Then realized that was worng and most of my clues were wrong and quickly got it turned around.